Are you curious about Life’s Magic?

Maybe you want to know more about your Angels, astrology, how dreams can come true and finally understand how it’s all connected to everyday life.

And maybe you want to learn how to tap into the beauty and power we all have inside ourselves?

But sometimes friends & family don’t really understand. And that can make us feel lonely.

You know you want to find people who really get you, but don’t know where to start.

If this sounds familiar to you then you are in the right place.

The Ring of Fire Community

As a member you will be joining a group of like-minded beings.

You will receive a monthly teaching about the Life’s Magic and get help to create a new routine to help you implement and take action on what you learn. You’ll have access to a guided meditation, learn how journaling can become part of your daily routine, along with group conversations to inspire you along your journey.

So why call it Ring of Fire?

Hi My name is Karmen, and it wasn’t very long ago that I was standing in your shoes. Then I went on an adventure of discovery and WOW! How my life has changed. I made connections to the Universe/God in a way I never thought possible.

Then, one night as I was falling asleep, I received a moment of inspiration or maybe it was a dream. I realized, a Ring of Fire is when we feel like WE ARE ON FIRE! — everything is going wrong.

You ask yourself 'why is this happening TO me!'

When in reality, we're not alone in a fire at all.

Life is happening FOR you!

When all along, God/The Universe is inside you, guiding you, protecting you, and asking you to be Love. You are of God, from God.

Sometimes that’s when God taps us on the shoulder, and you finally find what you’ve been looking for.

All you need to do is learn how to connect to this incredible power and see how amazing your life will get.

And maybe that’s why you are reading this. God is tapping you on the shoulder right now and nudging you to join us.

Together, we will co-create this beautiful community of fellowship and belonging. You’re invited to join The Ring of Fire Community! And because I want to make this accessible to everyone it’s just $33 per month.

Why $33 – it seems like an odd number? Glad you asked.

The significance of the number 33.

33 is a Master Number and represents Divine wholeness, completeness, and reminds us that all things are possible. The energy of 33 is the intention of this community!

My invitation for you is just $33/month.

Ring of Fire community includes:

  • Monthly Teachings

    Each month after the 15th, there's a new teaching to guide you and give you new "life tools" along your journey. You'll also receive teachings not shared anywhere else that are focused on current events.

  • Live Office Hours twice a month

    Receive live coaching virtually twice a month during office hours.

  • Journaling Worksheets

    Receive journaling worksheets that include a moment of self-reflection and question(s) to journal on throughout the month of what we're learning. The worksheets will be available after the 15th each month.

  • Meditation

    Receive an audio meditation each month.

  • New Moon & Full Moon Card Readings

    Receive exclusive card readings including the monthly numerology that aren't available anywhere else to help you align with the energies and navigate the weeks ahead.

  • Gifts!

    Goodies include discounts on offerings and merchandise.

Ring of Fire community

Live from your Soul and experience joy as you grow along your journey!

  • 1

    🔥 Welcome to the Ring of Fire community!

    • Welcome to Ring of Fire community!

  • 2

    📚 "Tao Te Ching" Book Monthly Lesson

    • Tao Te Ching

    • Verse 1

    • Verse 2

    • Verse 3

  • 3

    📝 Journaling Worksheets for the "Tao Te Ching" book

    • Journaling Worksheets

    • Verse 1: Journaling Worksheet

    • Verse 2: Journaling Worksheet

    • Verse 3: Journaling Worksheet

  • 4

    📚 "The Four Agreements" Book Monthly Lesson

    • The Four Agreements

    • Chapter 1: Domestication and the Dream of the Planet

    • 1st Agreement: Be impeccable with your word

    • 2nd Agreement: Don't Take Anything Personally

    • 3rd Agreement: Don't Make Assumptions

    • 4th Agreement: Always Do Your Best

    • Chapter 6: Freedom

    • Chapter 7: The New Dream ~ Heaven On Earth

  • 5

    📝 Journaling Worksheets for the "Four Agreements" book

    • Journaling Worksheets

    • Four Agreements Chapter 1: Journaling Worksheet

    • Four Agreements Chapter 2: Journaling Worksheet

    • Four Agreements Chapter 3: Journaling Worksheet

    • Four Agreements Chapter 4: Journaling Worksheet

    • Four Agreements Chapter 5: Journaling Worksheet

    • Four Agreements Chapter 6: Journaling Worksheet

  • 6

    👀 Teachings Not Shared Anywhere Else!

    • What is Illusion of Separation?

  • 7

    🧘🏻‍♀️ Monthly Meditation

    • Root Chakra Meditation ~ help get you grounded

  • 8

    💎 Energy Stones for Each Astrological Season

    • Energy Stones for Leo Season (July 22 - August 22)

  • 9

    🔮 New Moon & Full Moon Card Readings

    • 🔮 What To Expect With Moon Card Readings

    • Full Moon in Pisces Card Reading 9.20.21 - 9.21.21

    • New Moon Card Reading in Virgo 9.6.21 - 9.7.21

    • Full Blue Moon in Aquarius Card Reading 8.22.2021

    • New Moon in Leo Card Reading in Lion's Gate Portal 8.8.21

    • Full Moon in Aquarius Card Reading 7.23.21 - 7.24.21

    • New Moon in Cancer Card Reading 7.9.21 - 7.10.21

    • Full Moon in Capricorn Card Reading 6.24.21.mp4

    • New Moon Solar Eclipse Card Reading 6.10.21

    • Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius Card Reading 5.26.21

    • New Moon in Taurus Card Reading 5.11.21

    • Full Moon in Scorpio Card Reading 4.26.21

    • New Moon in Aires Card Reading 4.11.21

    • Full Moon in Libra Card Reading 3.28.21

    • New Moon in Pisces Card Reading 3.13.21

    • Full Moon in Virgo Card Reading 2.27.21

    • New Moon in Aquarius Card Reading 2.11.21

    • Full Moon in Leo Card Card Reading 1.27-28.2021

    • New Moon in Capricorn Card Reading 1.12-13.2021

  • 10

    ✨ What are Retrogrades and Eclipses?

    • ✨ Learn about retrogrades and eclipses

    • Retrogrades and Eclipses

  • 11

    ✨ Tips on How to Work with Mercury Retrograde

    • ✨ Mercury Retrograde Tips

  • 12

    🗣 Live Office Hours

    • Live Office Hours: 2nd Tuesday at 12pm EST

    • Live Office Hours: 3rd Wednesday at 7pm EST

  • 13

    📚 Resources

    • 📚 Resources mentioned in the community you can purchase

  • 14

    🎁 Gifts for YOU!

    • Gifts for YOU!

  • 15

    👚 Merchandise

    • Ring of Fire apparel, mugs, and more!


You have questions ~ we have answers.

  • Ring of Fire is an online membership community to help support you as you grow along your journey staying connected, and feeling joyful!

  • You'll learn to live intentionally and on Divine purpose. Understanding how to co-create through astrology, your Angel guides, numerology, and more!

  • Each month we’ll dive in on a new teaching. You'll receive a journaling worksheet to expand on the current month's teaching and you'll have two opportunities each month to receive coaching during live office hours.

  • The monthly teachings and journaling worksheets will be available after the 15th each month.

  • Everything in the community is in the online portal! Including the Zoom links to participate in the live office hours.

  • Move at your own speed! Connect during the live office hours, watch the videos, journal when you'd like, and listen to the mediations when you feel called.

  • If you're new to Spirituality, you're in the right place! Be open and committed to showing up and doing your work. If you've been on this path for a while, be open to learning something new.

  • Why $33/month? The number 33 is a Master Number and represents Divine wholeness, completeness, and reminds us all things are possible! According to Joanne Sacred Scribes, 33 means "Be prepared to expand and increase your Spiritual development and awareness." The energy of 33 is the intention of this community!

  • You can cancel at anytime.

Ring of Fire community

Tap into the beauty and power inside of YOU!

Hear what people in the community are saying

about their experience in the Ring of Fire community

  • “If you are looking to invest in yourself in a meaningful way. If your inner self is begging to grow. If you're just plain tired and need refreshing, this is the place for you. I am honored to be taught by such a passionate, honest and well trained guide as Karmen. Piece of advice: be willing to do the work because you get out what you put into the work you do. The tools are there, all you have to do is use them. Use the chat to say what you need to say respectfully and ask the questions that come up so the group and Karmen can support you. We are all connected and apart of a special family here in this space. Enjoy, learn and grow with an open heart from all the beauty shown here in Ring of Fire.” - Chantelle

  • “Karmen puts a lot of thought and heart into the ring of fire community. I love the bite sized chunks of inspiration and teachings that can be taken in day-to-day, week-to-week. I am particularly fond of the moon readings.” - Jennifer Seffrin

  • "I learned a lot about the way I interact with others from Karmen's videos within the Ring of Fire course and how those can be integrated into my everyday life. One of the most impactful lessons I had while going through the Ring of Fire course was about not allowing how people react to me, affect me, my energy, my path and my day to day. The lessons and journaling prompts were very insightful and brought about immense change in my life very quickly. I highly recommend the Ring of Fire membership to those looking to deepen their journey through life, spirituality and their life's purpose. It truly is a 'Ring of Fire' that will undoubtedly light the fire within you to evolve your life to what you know it can be. If you're ready to dive deep and really spend time with your inner divine self, please give this course a try!" - Joey

Ring of Fire community includes:

• Monthly Teachings • Journaling Worksheets • Meditation • Live Office Hours 2x/Month • New Moon & Full Moon card readings • Teaching Not Shared Anywhere Else • Goodies include Discounts on Offerings

Divine Synergist

Karmen Fink

Karmen is a Divine Synergist helping you understand why you’re here and how to live on purpose. Connecting with your inner-Divine-self is the first step to having a relationship with the Divine Source to living intentionally. Karmen interweaves numerology, Angel guides, ThetaHealing®, astrology, and coaching to guide you along your Spiritual journey. Discover all offerings at

Why $33/month?

The number 33 is a Master Number and represents Divine wholeness, completeness, and reminds us all things are possible. The energy of 33 is the intention of this community!

Raise Your Vibration!

Expand your knowledge, evolve your life, and connect with your inner-Divine-self.