Join the Ring of Fire Community

Live from your Soul and experience joy as you grow along your journey!

Anytime you feel alone, know that you're a part of this community of like-minded beings who Love and support you as you grow in your relationship with the Divine. God and your Angels are always with you in the midst of what feels like a fire. This "fire" is what our ego creates to help protect us and in reality we are already protected. Together we'll fight our egos and live from our Souls.

Meditation Cafè

Grab your seat in the meditation cafè, bring your mat, a drink of choice, and choose from a menu of meditations.

A cafè is a small and informal establishment serving various refreshments. Well, this cafè serves meditations as refreshments for your Soul, making it easy for you to connect to your-Divine-self along your journey!

Live On Purpose!

8-week online course

If you're curious about the Spiritual/Energy realm; If you'd like to get connected with your authentic self and understand how to connect with everything around us, or if you'd like a Spiritual reset - this is the course for you! When we are connected to who we are at our very core, the essence of our Spirit also known as Divine Source, it allows us to gain awareness and become alive! Connection is the foundation for this course giving you the direction and guidance in your career and in life you desire.

Divine Synergist

Karmen Fink

Karmen is a Divine Synergist helping you understand why you’re here and how to live on purpose. Connecting with your inner-Divine-self is the first step to having a relationship with the Divine Source to living intentionally. Karmen interweaves numerology, Angel guides, ThetaHealing®, astrology, and coaching to guide you along your Spiritual journey. Discover all offerings at

Karmen is your Divine Synergist guiding and supporting you along your Spiritual journey.

Connect with your inner-self creating a life you Love!